Work with Me!

Are you in the market for a bit of writing help? Maybe you’d like someone to put a titillating blog post together that will get your customers and readers interested in a new kink. Perhaps it’s something as simple as a product description or something as complex as a multi-chapter custom erotic novel. Maybe you’d like a sex-positive editorial to broach a complex topic. I’m your man!

Contact Info

Hit me up at or at I check these regularly. If you don’t hear from me at one address send it to the other one as I do occasionally find interesting requests trapped in my Spam folder.

My Rates

Erotic stories/Blog posts- I will write a custom story or post on any sexy topic you desire. 3,000 to 5,000 words (or less if you’d like), $50.

Not long enough? Additional words, all dripping with sensuality, for $15/1,000 words after 5,000.

Short pieces such as product descriptions, etc., $5 minimum, but let me know how many and what you’d like and I’ll put together a quote.

Product Reviews

Do you have an innovative new sex toy you’d like reviewed? I do toy reviews for free! Just send me a link to the toy you’d like reviewed and we’ll get something set up from there!

Guest Posts

Are you a new website? Want to get the word out about something cool and sexy that you’ve created? Maybe you’re an established site but you’d like to get a bit more traffic. I’m happy to host guest posts from other sex bloggers for free, especially if you’re new or if you’ve got an interesting concept that deserves attention. My limitations- 1) only one per month 2) I reserve the right to edit 3) Must be sex-positive and ethical, i.e., not depict any illegal acts etc.

Sponsored Posts

Are you a toy company looking for someone to host an article that links back to your site? Maybe you’ve just written something spicy that you’re just dying to get in front of an audience? I am happy to host sponsored posts for $25 each. The same limitations apply to these (see Guest Posts above). In addition, all links will be of the no-follow variety (Have to keep the search engine Gods happy).