About Ten

Hey! I’m Ten, not the number, certainly not the age, just ended up with that alias as a result of my site. So, you’d like to know a little more about me? Here goes…

I’m a pretty regular guy I guess. I’m married. I have a couple of kids and a day job. I live in a very rural part of the Midwestern United States. We’re a pretty busy family. My kids are really into a couple of different sports and that keeps us busy most of the year.

Just like a lot of dads I once had what I considered to be a pretty rockin’ bod, but time, and a lack thereof, have sculpted me into something a little fluffier. Yep, solidly in dad bod territory for now.

Besides sex I love hunting, fishing, hiking, bicycling, brewing beer, reading, and traveling. The list goes on. Let’s just say I’ll never lack for a hobby to pursue if I ever get to retire…

I’ve got a bucket list ten miles long that constantly aches for my attention. One that I aim to start scratching at as soon as possible but isn’t quite carved in stone. I’d like to take a cycling trip across the U.S. and also one (or two) across Europe. I’d like to through-hike the Appalachian, Pacific Crest, and Continental Divide trails. I want to travel to South America and see the rain forest, the Amazon river, and as many Incan ruins as I can squeeze in. I want to see and hunt Patagonia, Alaska, Russia, and almost every other wild locale you can conjure to mind. I want to take my family to Europe, the Caribbean, and southeast Asia. We all want to take in some different cultures. You get the picture. I love travel and adventure, especially if it takes place outdoors and I really don’t mind sweating a little to make it happen.

That said, I also enjoy a good book, an evening of Netflix, and just doing stuff around the house.

So, why a sex blog? Why not a travel and adventure blog? Well, first off, have you seen that space? It’s about as crowded as it can get. Somehow I doubt that the road trip adventures of the average American family would compete and I’d likely only be able to add content a few times a year.

The reason for the sex blog? I love sex! It’s just such an amazingly versatile thing. There’s so much powerful emotion, passion, and connection tied to it. Yet, it can also be light-hearted and fun. It can be done in so many different ways and everyone seems to have a different take on it.

The internet is full of sex blogs. There are some really great ones out there too, but I wanted to create a place where people could easily add their own two cents. Why? Because there is sooooo much that a lot of people are missing. If you Google “sex advice” you’ll find thousands of articles but if you don’t click past the first few pages they are all pretty alike.

This site, this space, is dedicated to all the ways we can have sex that you may not have considered. No matter who you are someone out there has a totally different perspective on sex than you. Maybe, just maybe, if you try out some of their Ten Ways you might find something new there that you really like. And maybe, just maybe, if enough people try out another person’s perspective, we can all love each other a little more.

Wow, that got a little sappy! Anyway, that’s me in a nutshell. Not enough? Want more? Click on my journal below and read about all the weird stuff that crosses my mind, sexy and not….

Tantalizing Tidbits

Interested in commissioning your own personal erotic story? Need someone to write a blog post, product description, or sexy article for you? I’d be happy to! Just email me a description of what you’d like and we’ll discuss it.