Review: Britney Sex Doll Torso from Tantaly

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  1. Andy says:

    Fantastic how you described your report on Britney! It was described as awesome as if it were a story! I read everything, with the help of a translator, but I understood everything! And the photos … WOW …. When I saw the photos at the beginning, I thought, oh he had to clean them up with liquid soap first. No when I read the translation that you inseminated it twice ….. WOW ….. My member was close to bursting! I wish I had you too! I would have time for her every day since I’m alone, so I have sex with Britney every day. And after the act, off with her in the shower to clean the inside too, as I would much rather spray in her, but I have everything there to clean! And after drying it is rubbed with bany powder so that everything stays smooth! So, like to read more of you and take photos or videos. Thanks!

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