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This blog is dedicated to the idea that sex can be fun in all kinds of different ways. It is  a repository for ideas and techniques that can be used to pleasure your partner.  It is a confessional for you to put some of your favorite kinks out there and all of the other stuff that turns you on.  It is a fantasy generator; an instigator of  sexual desire, a muse for lust and carnal play. On this blog there will be no judgmental discussions condemning one kink or another, just a brainstorm of sexual expression.  The idea is for all of you to submit your lists of: Ten ways to turn you on, Ten ways to touch you, Ten ways to fuck you, or Ten ways to make you come.  Any or all of these lists will do. They will be collected here and presented for the inspiration and enjoyment of all.  If you would like to write and submit a list please fill out your ten ways below.  I’ve also started a new feature on this blog where readers submit their fantasies.  I’m calling it Wildest Dreams! I’d love it if you’d submit your hottest, wettest, horniest fantasies by clicking the link below and I’ll post them here!  Enjoy the site!


My Wildest Dreams by @LibertyWaltz

So, I’m not sure it’s the wildest ever, it’s certainly tame compared to some people, or even compared to some of my supernatural fantasies. But one of the most important fantasies I have is...


Tied and Teased

Normally, I tend to take a more dominant role in my fantasies but I’ve had this one for a long time and it illustrates me on the submissive side of the slash… You have...


Fluid Curves

A faint line of light catches, pauses momentarily in its slow cascade, illuminating the minutiae of her soft skin. My lover’s curves are soft. Tiny hairs lay placidly against her, curled against her skin...


Wobbling the Universe

The title for this story comes from an article written in 2017 by Andrew Griffith, published in the Independent. Two stars crash into each other, wobbling the universe and flinging out huge amounts of...


Review: Pulse Solo Essential

I have spent quite a bit of time perusing the digital shelves of the Hot Octopuss toy store and have always been intrigued by there Pulse toys.  So, when I contacted them about the...